Crafty Chloe DRESS-UP MESS-UP, Now available!

And this time, we are making costumes!


Pom Pom Chicks!

Brilliant! But I think Chloe would use googly eyes, am I right?

Have you made a pom pom? Its so fun, and so easy. Here's our favorite tutorial:


What to do with those bachelor socks....

you know, the ones that should have a mate, but don't? Those expensive chasmere ones are the very best...

found here:



Wondering what to do with all of those champagne corks leftover from New Years Eve?


If there aren't any corks at your house, ask a local restaurant or wine shop to save you some. We used Martha Stewart Craft Paint, which is the most amazing stuff, and small foam brushes. Two coats makes them even cuter, you could also add a coat of clear gloss, if you are so inlcined...

What should we do with them now? A garland of mushrooms on a string? Little place-card holders? Anyone have any ideas?


come make hats with us!

Heather Ross and Annabel Wrigley of Little Pincushio Studio will be leading a hat making workshop in NYC Dec.6th. Come join us for what promises to be a very fun event, and make a hat for somebody you love (or yourself, same diff!) just in time for the gift giving season....