Some of our favorite Crafty Chloe Crafts.. Made by You!

Have you made something inspired by Chloe? Tell us about it!

from pitter putter stitch!

from crozette



Halloween Costumes, Chloe - Style ...

These are just a few of the DIY costume ideas that Chloe comes up with in her next book, Dress Up Disaster! The book comes out in February7....


Make a Doll's bed from a Clementine Crate (with Martha Stewart!)

Did you catch Chloe on The Martha Stewart Show? Heather and Martha made an adorable doll's bed from grocery store and hardware store cast-offs, plus some paint and glue. Very Cute! You can watch the video tutorial here...



This super fluffy, super easy tutu is really fun to make. You can even buy a whole  "bolt" of nylon net, and have a tutu making party!



Make Chloe's Glow In The Dark Pajamas!

We love anything that glows in the dark, don't you? Did you know that you can buy glow in the dark ink and use it to paint or print on fabric? We found these cool pajamas and then we made a big star shaped "stamp" out of a sponge and used it to print big glowing stars all over ourselves! We weren't allowed to stamp our pajamas while we were wearing them, though, because the paint would probably leak through and then our whole bodies would be all glowy and Bert felt that this might not be such a great thing....

We want to try adding glowing stars to everything now, like our bed sheets and our tee shirts!

See instructions below, or download a printable copy along with a template for a star right here!



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